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Division of the Renner Herrmann S.A. group, focused on the production of resistant and innovative metal packaging.


July 02 2017

Renner Herrmann Group celebrates 90 years of tradition and excellence

We created a group that is proud to be 100% controlled by Brazilians. We operate directly in 8 countries, with 10 factories, dozens of distributors in Brazil and more than 80 abroad, numerous distribution centers, and thousands of retailers, users, and collaborators.

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June 27 2017

Metalgráfica Renner receives the 2017 Roberto Hiraishi Trophy

At the 26th edition of the most prestigious awards ceremony for the packaging industry in Brazil, Metalgráfica Renner received a trophy in the MARKETING category with its package ALMA DE FLORES E SENADOR.

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December 19 2016

Metalgráfica Renner receives Steel Packaging Awards from ABEAÇO

Metalgráfica Renner receivd to awards: Promotional Can – Best Lithograph 1st Prize for the Alma de Flores Can and 2nd Prize for the Senador Can. The two cans were developed for their client Memphis.

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